Chrome Mirror Silver Custom Die Cut Stickers Gloss

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Chrome Mirror Silver Die Cut Stickers

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    Strong adhesive 100% exterior grade custom stickers, UV and Scratch resistant protection!
    Made in Canada!

    Make stickers for weddings, for safety, events, corporate gifts, logos, brands or for product labeling, Sticker Beaver’s custom stickers, are made of high quality white vinyl material. They are weather resistant, water-proof, and will stick strong on most surfaces and materials.

    -Writable with permanent marker

    -Weather Proof

    -Dishwasher Safe

    -Microwave Safe

    -Any Shape

    1- Graphics must be saved in Vector based file formats. Vector based images are made up of lines and curves and can be resized, and manipulated without losing the quality of the graphic. JPEG and TIFF files are not able to achieve this manipulation. DON’T FORGET TO OUTLINE YOUR TYPE

    Acceptable File Format: .JPG .PSD .EPS .AI .PDF .CDR
    Color: CMYK

    2- JPG Format. If you are choosing to send a .JPG or .TIFF please make sure you scale your image to at least half the desired print size so when rescaled to print ready format, we do not lose a significant amount of resolution and clarity.
    We prefer 300 dpi-600 dpi. or higher.